We all love going to remote places that were not touched by any people and we all love to feel the nature is only for ourselves, not to be shared with anyone else. This comes very natural for us because we like to be in possession of everything. We were tought to own things and to conquer new territories. Our purpose is to aim for the best we can achieve, but what is happening when everybody else has the same dream as ours?

A few years ago, in the summer, some friends of mine went to a place called Gura Portiței near the Black Sea and when they came back they were really amazed of this place. Since then I searched countless times for this place hoping I’ll know the feeling of being there, but last year I read an article about that place and I started to compare the two opinions.

In the first story Gura Portiței was a really nice place where you didn’t have to get in touch with so many people and where you enjoyed the freedom of the nature. The second story described the place as being full of people which bought expensive food from the locals and leaving only dirt when they left. The first story is from a few years ago and the second one is from last year. Do you know what changed in between? I’m not giving a straight answer right now. Instead, I’ll continue with another story.

Three years ago on the 1st of December I was skiing on M1 slope from mountain ski resort called Rânca and the only humans except me and my friends that were skiing were some 5-6 strangers. It felt like heaven to have the entire slope only for us. The things were running smoothly, but last year in the same period the place was full of people. Staying in line for 15-20 minutes just to go up and then to come back in 30 seconds or less was a really pain in the ass. Again, the same question: what changed?

The answer my mind found is that both places became very popular and tourists wanted to spend great time in the same place. There is also a Romanian saying which fits like a glove: “Don’t go with the empty bag at the praised tree”.

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