Waiting for a revolution over salary


Since the government of Romania adopted the new salary laws, everyone is feeling quite dizzy and everyone fears the future. Maybe there are some good things in that law, I don’t know and I was not interested in reading it fully.

The only part which is relevant to me is the one that says how my monthly income will change and right now the outcome of some simulations (see Calculator Salarii) is really scary. The monthly salary will decrease by about 20% (more or less) for the employees working in IT industry.

I’m thinking some of those workers are not aware at the moment what’s the impact of this change on their lives, but this thing scares the shit out of me. And I don’t have any credits or any debts to banks. What about those people which have a credit for a car, one for a house/apartment and one little kid to raise? Not to mention those who’s kid is not born yet but on the way or those who have two kids. Will they adapt to the new changes?

The conditions we live right in Romania will not turn upside down this year as most of the people are not aware of how will be the impact on them. They will see the punch on their faces when the first salary for the month of January 2018 will be paid. I’m talking about the fact that the people will be hit hard when they will see the new figures on their payslip and they will scream like crazy for help, but no one will be there to hear. Because the government is deaf.

As I told previously, maybe this is a good measure of the economy seen at a high scale and it has its purpose as long as the companies will raise the salary of their employees, a thing the government is betting on every second since they adopted this crazy law at the end of the year without taking into consideration any advice from anyone. This law will transfer the contributions from the employer to the employee, but if the companies are not willing to keep the same net salaries, this will eventually explode.

The tension is rising up all over the country, in each company.  I hear everyday discussions about this subject from all my colleagues (small groups only) which are not pleased with the policy the government is adopting. The people can accept a small decrease in their salaries, but not that much. I can smell in the air the fear of losing a lot of money in an instant even if most of my acquaintances are trying to dissimulate it and to appear confident and optimistic.

Some of the big multinational companies like Vodafone, Orange, Kaufland, Metrosystems etc already announced they will maintain the current net income of their employees by raising the gross income (or so I’m told by former colleagues), but there are also many other companies which are not willing to proceed in this manner.

So, as a friend of mine was saying, the only increase you will see, depends on you. In other words, probably we will see many people migrating from one firm to another chasing a bigger salary to sustain their needs, expenses and debts. For me, it’s really clear what will happen as it is written black on white on my contract: “the company guarantees the gross salary mentioned in the employment offer and cannot be held responsible for further changes of the taxation laws which can affect the individual net income”.

Many believe that the faith of Romania is uncertain and unstable and the big investors are afraid to open new businesses in this forsaken country.

Image: Sarah_Loetscher | pixabay.com

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