“My son is a coward”


A few months ago I was standing in a meeting room which was loaded with five or six beds for IT engineers to donate blood. I respectfully waited my turn and afterward laid on a bed with my sleeve raised. A nurse came next to me and stung my left hand with the needle in order to get 450 ml of blood.

The whole process took about 10-15 minutes, during which other people entered the small room and went out in order to offer a chance to live to a total stranger. The atmosphere there was a casual one and everyone knew when their turn arrived to sit down. They rolled up the sleeves and waited quietly for the heart to pump out the dark-red blood.

In between sticking the “patients”, making some usual blood analyses and paying attention to their job, the nurses used to slowly chat one with each other. Small talks, not out of the ordinary, not very loud and definitely not annoying. I even enjoyed the words that were distracting me from looking down on how the red liquid flowed through the rubber hose and filled the blood bag.

From discussions about what they appreciate at their’s jobs and what makes them proud, the nurses hit really soon the subject of money and politics. It was really fun listening, but soon enough I heard one of the nurses almost shouting out loud: “My son is a coward!”. It was really out of the blue and took by surprise everyone in the room.

Then, the woman realized what she said and started to explain why she believed her high-school son was a coward. She told her colleagues that the young man has given up the fight against the political system of Romania too soon, that he confessed to his mother he wanted to finish the high-school and then fly with a plane far away from this sick country full of corruption and thieves.

In that moment I could see the mother was really sad. She did her job many years just to keep her son safe and provide food on the table an shelter over their heads. And now when she saw the light of her eyes has given up even he didn’t fight a day in his life while she stood still against many bad things, she was angry at his son and tried to find an excuse for his behavior.

But this is not the case. I felt pity for that poor woman because she didn’t see how the world changed through the years. Little by little, piece by piece, everything was shaped and she just adapted to small changes which were not radical ones. Now, that the young boy has another mentality and another vision where corruption is not tolerated and thieves are going to jail, the mother cannot see the reason why the boy wants to go as far as he can without looking back to Romania.

The woman only knows the system was always like that and she cannot do anything, but to adapt and try to carry on.

We are the generation which wants everything to be fair, where honesty and law must prevail. We are the sons and daughters who will eventually put behind Romania and never return because we cannot accept a country where the state is stealing your money, your education, your healthcare system and so on and so forth. We did not vote for the country to be swallowed by mafia, villains and criminals.

So listen up lady, your son is not a coward! Anyone who thinks like your son is not a coward! We are not cowards! We’re just sick of how we all live and our lives are going down rapidly with this political system. Everything is torn apart and we cannot live here to see how our hopes and dreams are killed even before they see the very first piece of light.

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