Is Sinești ready to change?

Sinești is my home village, the place where I spent my entire childhood and the place where I return without hesitation whenever I want to run away from the capital city of Bucharest. I may be subjective but I always think of this small village in the south of Vâlcea county as being one of the nicest in the Romania.

It doesn’t have anything special and most of its inhabitants are old people at this moment. The young ones, as I also did, left their home village hoping to find a better living in other big cities where they can work and make a living for themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes when I come home I feel pity for the men and women who can’t have a better life where they were born because here is no industry or any factories or something from what they can earn money to buy food and wealth.

In Sinești the main activity that has emerged again in the last few years is the agriculture. It may be an old habit of peasants, but people still practice it in a new way. This came from the need of having what to eat. Many people have started to grow vegetables and sell them into big cities or small markets from the neighborhood and seeing them how they are struggling to survive by doing field work and crawling in dirt, it makes me sick. Not sick because they work as hard as they can to take care of their families, but because in these modern days agriculture should be made with automatic tools and machines.

The people from Sinești didn’t realize that the era of working with bare hands has ended long time ago, in the previous century. Now they can buy electric or diesel machines to work with, but the only problem is that they don’t have sufficient money for this. A while ago I heard about an association of farmers that could’ve been started if all small producers from Sinești would’ve agreed, but no one wanted to hear about this idea because they were selfish and didn’t realize this was for the common good.

Sometimes, even that I love Sinești, I think people living there deserve their faith to work until their bodies can’t handle the load. The man was built by nature to adapt in order to make its living easier, but here they refuse to collaborate and have a bigger income monthly.

I’m looking forward to return here one day and see changed mentalities and behaviors. Or maybe I’ll be one of the people which are starting a movement in Sinești. Who knows? I only hope and have faith in changing.


The idea of writing articles in English was on my mind for a long time now, but I didn’t have the courage or strength to deal with the fear of not writing that good. I’ve always been afraid of making grammar mistakes because I know for sure that my English isn’t so proficient as it should be.

Photo: Bioprod

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